CBU ClickBank University Review

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CBU ClickBank University Review – Success Story Journey


Are you ready for success and a positive lifestyle change to live your dreams?

Are you tired of looking for a job in a recession with a depressing job market?

After years of searching for a worthwhile job (with little success) I was exhausted, completely burned out, annoyed and frustrated.

“Every adversity has an equal or greater benefit.”  Napoleon Hill

A job was only a temporary solution for me. So my heart was never fully committed to the job search. A job would force me to do something I did not want to do and not get paid enough to do it. Additionally a job would require me to have another boss telling me what to do.

I decided it was time for a positive, energizing lifestyle change with the goal of financial freedom!

My dream was to follow my passion of nature and wildlife photography – in the wilderness and then to publish the written adventure stories of making the photographs in ebooks for sale!

I decided to research Clickbank and how to: 1) make money online, 2) create a residual income and 3) to work from home or anywhere.

Clickbank would give me the tools and knowledge necessary then allow me to follow my dream to publish my photography and stories in ebooks.

ClickBank is the world’s leading marketplace for digital products.

Clickbank was created to help you follow your: passion, interest, or hobbies and make money promoting what you love.

The universe or divine intervention influenced my decision about Clickbank. I had not looked at my Clickbank affiliate

statistics lately and noticed that I had earned two recent commissions.

Wow! That was exciting. I had earned my first Clickbank affiliate commissions online!

The commissions were earned by posting my ClickBank affiliate links on free advertising websites. Then clients clicked my affiliate link, purchased the product and I earned Clickbank commissions.

How cool is that? With only a little work posting free ads – I earned over $91 in affiliate commissions promoting a Clickbank digital dating product that was one of the most popular products in the Marketplace.

After being encouraged and motivated by earning Clickbank affiliate commissions, it was time to take action to educate myself on how to make more money online.

Then I received an email from a friend announcing CBU ClickBank University – designed to teach anybody how to use ClickBank to make money online. That sounded exactly like what I needed to achieve my success goals.

Click Financial-Freedom-Lifestyle.com to watch the CBU ClickBank University video and learn all about how to make money from home or anywhere online. CBU ClickBank University is the place to get your college education and make money online.

Clickbank is a perfect platform for you to promote

: 1 Clickbank affiliate products (other people’s digital products) or 2 to create and build your own new unique Clickbank digital product to market and promote.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Albert Einstein

My Plan A was to market and promote other people’s products as an affiliate (since it was easiest and quickest to make money). This would also teach me valuable lessons that are required to promote and market my own products.

Then Plan B was to create and market my own ebook products.  My goal for Plan B was to produce an ebook of my nature and wildlife photography including the adventure stories of making the photographs. Then the photographs and stories would be published as a Clickbank digital product in ebooks.

ClickBank and CBU ClickBank University is the proven blueprint for success online.

ClickBank has created over 1,000 millionaires!

Additionally100,000 entrepreneurs have used ClickBank to achieved their goals of financial freedom and success to live their dream lifestyle!

This is my ClickBank success journey. It will tell the true story of how ClickBank and CBU ClickBank University were used for: my education to make money online, promote products and services online and then to take action and achieve my financial freedom lifestyle goals and dreams.

Click Financial-Freedom-Lifestyle.com to watch the CBU ClickBank University video to: create your dream lifestyle with time freedom and financial freedom by following your passions and what you love!

Best of Luck and Success,

Don Kreuter


Clickbank® and CBU ClickBank University® are registered trademarks.

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