Mission Marketing Mentors Press Release

2-6-15 Don Kreuter and Mountain Bike

Don Kreuter and Mountain Bike

Mission Marketing Mentors Press Release

Don Kreuter joined The Mission Marketing Mentors Program with John Eggen and signed a contract February 2, 2015 to publish three books with his photography and stories by February 1, 2016!

Don Kreuter’s forthcoming book “Daily Inspiration Photography and Quotes for Nature and Wildlife Lovers Volume One” (working title) is due to be published in the spring of 2015.

Don Kreuter created the “Daily Inspiration Photography and Quotes” Galleries on Fine Art America and on the Artist Websites for a preview of his photographs and quotes being considered for publication in the book.

Don picked Mission Publishing of Palo Alto, California and “The Leading Mentors Publishing and Marketing Program” with John Eggen to learn the best way to publish his books and magnetically attract new clients.

Don Kreuter highly recommends “The Leading Mentors Publishing and Marketing Program” for authors and artists as the best way to use the proven program and system with professional mentors to quickly publish your book, then establish yourself as an authority in your field.

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To see more “Daily Inspiration Photography and Quotes” by Don Kreuter click: DailyInspirationPhotography.com.

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Reef Reflections

1-27-15 Reef Reflections DIP Quotes

Reef Reflections

Nature and Wildlife Photography
Don Kreuter Photography Art

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“Celebrate the Beauty in Life Daily with Photography”

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